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Life On Your Terms, Inc. [LOYTI]


Brice loves integrating technology.

He is never too busy to help someone as nice as you.


My values are simple; they are based on faith and family. I believe these come first in all matters.

When you do business with me, you will feel and experience those values. I work hard to earn your trust and keep it by committing to do business with a philosophy of honesty and transparency. I use a simple proactive approach by taking action to achieve what is desired through control and results.

Always seeking opportunities for advancement and individual accomplishment within a position of power and authority enabled with the freedom to make quick decisions whenever necessary.

Expert troubleshooting issues and solving problems do not intimidate, even if this means questioning the status quo. Never a problem tackling varied activities and embracing a wide range of tasks.

In fact, some of the best work has been when receiving difficult assignments or getting the occasional worldview shocker. Very fond of action rather than deliberation (Beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission). Clearly convey reasons for conclusions whenever possible.

Heavy opposition or distracting events do not affect unwavering focus on accomplishing goals. Being self-focused can be a benefit to the team when red tape or a lack of consensus sidetracks colleagues. Many appreciate me being direct as they don’t have to second-guess what is said.

Serving as an inspiration to others who might be reticent to share their opinions and ideas freely or who may shy away from taking chances and trying new things. Usually not limited by doing things the same old way and unafraid to rock the boat, or even tip it, if the urge hits me.

Goal-oriented and decisive to benefit the bottom line for your organization.